8-bit oscillators with analog overdrive and a glitch lab to bend them: Liquid Sky launches d-vices

Liquid Sky d-vices have unveiled their warped limited-edition modular hardware: a dual oscillator with 8-bit wavetables and analog envelopes and overdrive, and a sprawling patch bay expander for circuit-bending those oscillators.

One of the most intriguing announcements at Superbooth wasn’t at Superbooth at all, because … well, shipping snafus, apparently. But never mind, we’ve been curious what the minds at Liquid Sky were up to and – now we get the full view. They’re each in extremely limited first runs; details on the site.

Images pictured are still prototypes; final run may change slightly in appearance.

822344894 orig

V4CO, by Matthias Beese (with Thilo Goldschmitz)

V4CO packs a ton of sound into a dual oscillator – complete with sub, audio and LFO switches for each, tons of 8-bit waveform options, and analog VCA and overdrive. Specs:

dual 8 bit wavetable oscillator, each with separate subbass
– hard sync
– 16 x 16 Waveforms – different for each OSC
– Each module has a base (16 x 6) set and an unique set (16 x 10) of waveforms
– Single outputs for each OSC / SUBOSC and mix output (w/o SUBOSC)
– Analog VCA for each oscillator
– Analog overdrive controllable via VCA
– Audio / LFO Mode for each OSC
– Waveform shuffle
– REAL 8 BIT Sound
– Detuning Function
– 8 Oktaven
– incl. Quantizer (Chromatic)
– complex Waveform-LFO

381900103 orig

GLITHc by Thilo Goldschmitz

This is really intriguing – a sort of circuit bending patch bay that expands (and mangles) the output of the V4CO. Messing with patches actually does manipulate internal routing, wavetables, and bit manipulation. I’ll have to talk to Thilo about this, as it’s an interesting approach.

But you get a combination of utilitarian and weird – sequencer, MIDI I/O, logic, mults, and bit mangling of the wavetables. Nice.


a complex glitch lab featuring:
– REAL circuit bending (you actually manipulate the internal routing)
– Bit-manipulation of
— individual bits for Wave and Bank select
— individual bits of actual wavetable
– 4 Logic functions: AND/OR/NAND/NOR
– 3 mini non consecutive sequencer for
— BANK/WAVE Sequencing
— manipulating Wavetables
– multiples
– MIDI + 3 Thru

In case you’re wondering, that glitch lab only works with the V4CO – at least for now.

V4CO is 499 EUR (excl. VAT & shipping), or you can have both it and the expander for 999 EUR.

If you buy GLITHc separately later, it’s priced at 999 EUR.

Full details:

preorders starts now for V4CO & GLITHc

Will get some sound samples and/or videos when we can.

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