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No, those steroid-fueled home run hitters don’t count

Aaron Judge just made history during the Yankees game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Officially, he tied the all-time American League (and New York Yankees) record for most home runs in a season, held by Roger Maris since 1961. But for baseball purists (like my editor who forced me to write that headline), Judge tied the record for all-time home runs in a season league-wide.

During the 7th inning against the Toronto Blue Jays, the California native hit the ball over the bullpen and against the left field wall, marking his 61st home run this season. The two-run homer broke a three-three tie — and cemented Judge’s place in the history books. Earlier this month, he tied Babe Ruth’s nearly century-old 60-home run mark, becoming the third Yankee to hit 60 homers.

The official record-holder is San Francisco Giants legend Barry Bonds, who broke the record in 2001, hitting 73 homers in a single season. The catch? Homie was juiced on steroids and other banned substances. According to Forbes, Bonds used “injectable anabolic steroids, injectable human growth hormone, post cycle therapy drugs, and amphetamines,” between 2001 and 2006, when he reached the No. 1 ranking for all-time home runs at 762.

Judge — who has played for the Yankees since 2016 — has been selected as an MLB All-Star four times: in 2017, 2018, 2021, and 2022. He was also the American League home run leader and Rookie of the Year in 2017.

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