Andrew McMahon’s Daughter Gave Him The Sweetest Birthday Card

Andrew McMahon is rocking the fatherhood thing.

The singer-songwriter, who rose to fame as the lead vocalist and instrumentalist for popular bands like Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate, shared a sweet note he received from his daughter on his 35th birthday.

McMahon and his wife, Kelly, have a 3-year-old daughter named Cecilia. In honor of her dad’s birthday, Cecilia (with some writing help from her mom) gave him a list of things she likes about him.

The list includes “his hair,” the fact that he “spins, runs and dances” with her and the work he does to help people “not get sick” (through his cancer research charity, the Dear Jack Foundation, inspired by his battle with leukemia).

McMahon posted a photo of the list on Instagram, where it received more than 15,500 likes.

“I’ve been given a lot of birthday gifts in my 35 years and I can’t think of one that compares to this,” he wrote in the caption.

Here’s to raising kids who see the value in helping others.

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