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Ash have a double treat in store for fans with the band reportedly set to release two albums.

The Tim Wheeler-fronted alternative rock band – also comprising Mark Hamilton and Rick McMurray – haven’t put out an LP since 2018’s ‘Islands’, however, an insider has teased that the ‘Girl From Mars’ hitmakers have a plethora of new tunes on the way.

A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Things are very much a work in progress but over the past few weeks they have been secretly writing and recording in Scotland.

“As things evolved it became clear a double album-style release could be the way forward.

“Each will have a different sound, with one being more synthy than the other.”

The double album is said to be “most likely” to be released in the “second half” of 2023.

Tim released his debut solo album ‘Lost Domain’ in 2014, and it was then that he decided it was time for Ash to return to the album format after a “creative break” that enabled them to put single after single out.

He said in 2018: “I guess when I did my solo record that was when I started to think about albums again. When we decided to go off and to the singles thing with the ‘A to Z’ series it seemed like albums were dying off and people were downloading single tracks. I do think with streaming becoming popular there is an option to listen to complete records and with vinyl making such a strong comeback we saw albums making a comeback. Also, I think our fans were well up for us making another one. We did explore the single thing to a significant extent by doing twenty-six singles in a year – that gave us a creative break that we wanted. Around the time after ‘Twilight of the Innocents’, I think if we had done another album it wouldn’t have felt very empowering for us at the time but by going off and doing something so different, it cleared our heads in a way to come back to albums.”

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