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Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd were reportedly left out of their late mother Naomi Judd’s final will.

Court documents show that the late country singer, who died by suicide in April, appointed Larry Strickland, her husband of 33 years, as the executor of the estate.

According to Page Six, the 76-year-old musician requested in her last will and testament that Larry should have “full authority and discretion” over her estate “without the approval of any court” or permission from any beneficiary.

Naomi also declared that Larry will be entitled to receive “reasonable compensation” for his services as the estate’s executor and be paid or reimbursed for all “reasonable expenses, advances and disbursements, including attorney’s and accountant’s fees, made or incurred in the administration of my estate.”

The will was drawn up on 20 November 2017, almost five years before The Judds star died following a lifelong battle with mental illness. According to the documents, she was of sound mind when she signed the will.

If Larry could not be her executor due to his death or any other reason, Naomi requested his brother Reginald Strickland to serve as co-executor alongside Daniel Kris Wiatr, the president of the business management firm Wiatr & Associates.

Neither Ashley nor Wynonna has commented on the report.

In an interview last week, Ashley said she hopes Naomi was able to let go of any guilt she felt over her shortcomings as a parent when she passed away.

“My most ardent wish for my mother is that when she transitioned, she was hopefully able to let go of any guilt or shame that she carried for any shortcomings she may have had in her parenting of my sister and me,” she said on the Healing with David Kessler podcast. “Because, certainly on my end, all was forgiven long ago.”

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