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J-Hope uploaded his very first Instagram Reel to give fans a backstage look at the making of his fiery new “Arson” music video.

The BTS rapper, who just released the solo studio album Jack in the Box while the group is on a temporary break, sat down to chat about the music video concept and share a glimpse at its impressive set and special effects.

“Many things are being set on fire, leaving ashes behind,” J-Hope said of the artistic vision behind the song’s visual.


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

“The theme is visualized starting with this outfit,” he noted. “Overall, I plan to capture the message of this song with this music video.”

“Since I was young, I’ve been working with sparks of passion. And I thought these sparks are the right material for it. That’s why I chose fire,” explained J-Hope.

In the clip — which has had more than 34 million views — he then turned the conversation to his new album as a whole.

J-Hope said, “I put a lot of effort into this album. I tried to show my true colors in it. I tried a lot of new things as well. While you’re listening to my album, I hope you see this new side of J-Hope and enjoy it.”

The song, which just arrived via Big Hit Music with the album’s release this week, was preceded by lead single “MORE” on July 1.

Watch the behind-the-scenes clip for “Arson” below.

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