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Beyoncé has removed an interpolation of Kelis’ 2003 hit Milkshake from her album track Energy after the singer complained about its use.

Kelis blasted Beyoncé as well as Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, who wrote and produced Milkshake and her 1999 song Get Along with You, for not getting her permission to interpolate both songs on Energy.

The “la la la” hook from Milkshake was originally used in the background towards the end of Energy, but it has now been removed. However, the drum interpolation from Get Along with You still remains on the track. Interpolation is when one song references another, instead of a direct sample.

The updates were noticed on streaming services including Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music on Tuesday night.

Kelis had called out Beyoncé on social media for showing her “disrespect” by not having the “common decency” to contact her about the interpolations. However, the pop superstar was not required to get permission from Kelis as she did not write the songs and does not own their copyright. Williams and Hugo, who wrote both Kelis tracks, are credited on Energy.

This is the second update Beyoncé has made to Renaissance since its release on Friday. She also removed the word “s**z” from the track Heated after disability charities and advocates criticised her use of the derogatory term for those with spastic cerebral palsy. It has been replaced by the word “blast”.

Amid all the updates, Monica Lewinsky also asked the singer to consider changing a lyric in her 2013 song Partition as it references her infamous affair with then-U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Sharing an article about Beyoncé’s song updates, she tweeted, “Uhmm, while we’re at it… #Partition.”

The track features the lyrics, “He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse/ He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown.”

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