Big Gigantic Discuss Their Upcoming Tour, Non-Profit Foundation + First Listen To Their Remix of “Keep On Rising” ft. Aloe Blacc

Big Gigantic (Dom & Jeremy) have been a big gigantic name all over the music industry for over a decade, helping pioneer the live instrumentation + DJ sets while continuing to put out incredible music that spans just about every genre of electronic music. Their latest album, ‘Brighter Future II’ is a perfect testament to that, as Big G gave fans just about everything from Lo-Fi and hip-hop tracks to electrifying dance pop anthems. Packed with hits like “Keep on Rising” [feat. Aloe Blacc], “Open Your Mind” [with GRiZ], “and “Free” [feat. Elohim], it’s safe to say the album became an instant classic for the band.

Today, Big Gigantic announced they will be taking their highly anticipated show on the road this winter for a twenty-date trek across the U.S, and they’ll be bringing along an incredibly eclectic group of supporting acts: Tvboo, Eazybaked, Smoakland, A Hundred Drums, Ahee, Jaenga, Superave, Levity, Lizzie Jane and MZG. This veritable who’s who of up-and-coming electronic artists will be appearing in different combinations at different shows; full details along with dates, tickets and more can be found here.

They’ve also unveiled their own electrifying remix to their single “Keep On Rising” feat. Aloe Blacc that we are thrilled to offer as a first listen to you! It’s bass house at its finest, driven by a thundering beat, fiery synth work, and Aloe Blacc’s soulful, captivating vocals.

We also had the chance to chat with Big G about this upcoming tour, what’s inspiring them right now, and their Big Gigantic Difference Foundation, which supports non-profits for at-risk youth, music education, and more. Enjoy!

What’s are some aspects about this tour that you’re excited for fans to experience?

Dom: We’re just excited to get back out on tour to the new places we haven’t gotten to perform our new album and very excited to see our latest stage design this run, that’s inspired by our last Red Rocks stage design!

How do you both stay inspired with all that you have going on? Are the upcoming releases/tours enough to keep your inspiration tank full, or do you look to podcasts, books, films, songs, etc help keep that fire stoked?

BG: Honestly it’s easy to stay inspired in the current music landscape. There are so many artist friends, upcoming artists and just artists out there in general that are doing so many incredible things and also just have insane work ethic, that it’s easy to wake up everyday and know that you have your work cut out for you. I’ve also been pretty locked into the new Rick Ruben book hahaha!

How do you keep pushing yourselves to go one step beyond what you’ve already accomplished?

BG: That can be tricky but when your mission as an artist is to.. be an artist, and learn and grown everyday then the goal is beyond just going one step further, it’s always more so, taking a new step everyday forward towards something that’s bigger down the road

Could you share a little bit more about ‘A Big Gigantic Difference Foundation’ and it’s impact?

Jeremy: We started ABGD Foundation a few years back in efforts to raise awareness and funds for all sorts of causes. Our incredible fans have helped us raise hundreds of thousands of dollars that have gone to everything from feeding communities around the country, building computer labs to teach kids music in areas that don’t have access to music classes and helping our good friends Conscious Alliance buy their warehouse to accommodate the food/goods they get to feed literally millions of people. Its pretty incredible what our community can do when we put our minds to do. We’re constantly looking for new ways to help people in any way possible & really look forward to future projects.

Dom, what are you working on next? What’s been inspiring you as of late (films, artists, songs, etc.)

Dom: I’m working on several different EP/albums to release for Big Gigantic in the next year or two, working on our live show and also just working on some other creative music and jazz things and different stuff like that. My plate has been super full but it’s been really fun letting each project lend a hand to other projects. Each idea feeds the next and so on.

Anything else ahead for 2023 that you’d like to share with the Your EDM audience?

BG: Just to be on the look out for more new music a little later this year, more touring and of course our 2 night Rowdytown event at Red Rocks the last weekend of September! This is the first year in several years that it hasn’t fallen on the same weekend as Lost Lands so we’re hoping to see some fresh bass music fans who haven’t been able to attend in the past this time around. Rowdytown is such a special event and we always go all out, so, we’re excited to step our game up again this year!!


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