Britney Spears’ father claims she received $15 million book deal for conservatorship memoir – Music News

Jamie Spears has claimed daughter Britney Spears’ upcoming book made her $15 million (£12.3 million).

According to court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, the popstar’s father is trying to compel his daughter to sit for a deposition.

In the documents, his lawyers claim she is dodging a deposition and that she received a $15 million book deal to write a memoir about the very things she refuses to speak of under oath.

Jamie is currently preparing a case against Britney, as the court documents reference his “right to prepare his case and depose Britney” as she is “making inflammatory and unsubstantiated claims against him” on Instagram.

Jamie’s counsel seeks to use Britney’s deposition as “admissible evidence” in his defence.

Jamie’s legal team claimed that Britney is avoiding testifying because it may involve delving into “emotionally difficult topics”, but insist that argument is invalid.

Referencing Britney’s Instagram posts about the conservatorship, which officially ended in November, and her upcoming book deal, Jamie’s legal team wrote: “That Britney can speak about the very issues she publicly raises (including to cash a $15 million cheque) but suddenly would be ‘unduly burdened’ by the litigation her counsel initiated is ridiculous.”

This reference to Britney’s book deal is not the first to name the $15 million figure, though outlets reporting on the upcoming memoir in February cited unidentified sources to back up reports of the contract.

The court documents come shortly after Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart filed a motion to compel Jamie to sit for a deposition over his behaviour as Britney’s conservator.

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