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There are two things ARMY really want you to know: BTS is not going hiatus, and is certainly not the same as One Direction. Following a brief period of confusion over whether or not K-pop boy band would be taking time apart (something that began two weeks ago after the guys announced they’d be taking an unspecified amount of time off before later clarifying that no, they aren’t disbanding), ARMY is firing back at anyone who implies that their favorite group is even temporarily splitting up —  and that includes Netflix.


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After the streaming service’s official Twitter account posted a tweet joking that Generation Z and Generation Alpha share the experience of losing their beloved boy bands — 1D and BTS, respectively — to so-called “hiatuses,” it was met with thousands of comments and retweets from very upset ARMY members. Here’s what the tweet said: “Millennials going through the Destiny’s Child ‘hiatus.’ Gen Z going through the One Direction ‘hiatus.’ Generation Alpha going through the BTS ‘hiatus.’”

That caption was paired with a screenshot from the platform’s hit series Umbrella Academy, in which one of the characters says: “The only thing we have in common is childhood trauma.”

In addition to taking issue with Netflix repeating the word “hiatus” — which was originally used in the English translation on BTS’ Festa dinner video, in which the group announced their temporary break — and comparing the “Butter” artists to Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne‘s former group, ARMY also wasn’t too happy that the tweet insinuated BTS’ fanbase is exclusively made up of children.

“Is the fandom made entirely of 12 years olds?” commented one fan. “Once they become 13 they drop bts and new 12 years olds join the fandom ??? younger armys are always welcome here, but come on do you really think that’s who is buying their albums?”

“Brb i’m cancelling my subscription,” another wrote simply, before following up with a screenshot proving that they actually went through with ending their subscription to Netflix.

Billboard has reached out to Netflix for comment.

Check out some of ARMY’s replies to Netflix’s tweet below:

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