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If  you’ve clicked over to BTS member Jungkook’s personal Instagram account lately you probably noticed that it was pretty spare. There’s a good, wholesome reason, which the K-pop group’s youngest member explained in a Vlive chat on Tuesday (June 7) after ARMY began speculating that it might be some kind of secret sign of a new project or an exciting announcement.


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See latest videos, charts and news

The answer, however, was not nearly as exciting. In fact, it’s something your mom might have done by accident. “It’s not because something happened,” he said during the chat. “I just didn’t like how it looked. Communicating with you on Instagram through posts is really precious and great, and I have it all in my heart.”

You see, instead of flushing all his old posts to signal a rebrand or to help set up the next era, Jungkook, 24, said he was just trying to make the page look cleaner and he accidentally removed all the old posts without realizing that there was an option to archive them. “I don’t think it’s too bad that I just erased it all,” he said. “I didn’t know you could archive pictures, I just wanted to make it look nicer.”

Also on Tuesday, the BTS shared a video on their official YouTube page from a mirrored dance room, practicing choreography set to their 2017 track “Best of Me,” which was released in 2017 as a track from their album Love Yourself: Her.

The choreography video comes just days before the highly anticipated arrival of BTS’ anthology album Proof. The album is being released as a three-CD set in celebration of their ninth anniversary as a group and will highlight BTS’ biggest hits to date such as “Butter,” “Dynamite,” “Boy With Luv” and more, plus deeper cuts and demo tracks across their discography. Proof and lead single “Yet to Come” are both set to arrive via Big Hit on Friday (June 10).

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