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Travis Barker is baring it all, and we don’t just mean on the stage. While the legendary drummer is fresh off a surprise set with Blink-182 at Coachella, and an equally surprisingly headliner slot closing off the fest after Frank Ocean dropped out of performing Weekend 2, he’s getting particularly personal with this latest venture. And no, we don’t mean the premiere of his wedding special with Kourtney Kardashian on Hulu, either.

Barker is making waves on social media once again with his Liquid Death collab, dropping the first-ever celebrity-endorsed luxury enema kit (yes, you read that correctly). “Travis Barker played drums on the hit album Enema of the State,” Liquid Death wrote on their site. “Does that make him an expert on enemas? No. And neither are we.” But adding to the current Blink-182 renaissance and launching just ahead of their world tour next month, this isn’t any ordinary enema kit. With the Liquid Death Enema of The State Collectible Enema Kit, Barker promises that you, too, can “achieve any dream in life that you can imagine”. 

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Liquid Death

Buy Travis Barker Enema of the State… $182

Priced at $182, this limited-edition kit includes a premium, custom-branded enema bulb and a 19.2 oz can of Liquid Death, hand-signed by Barker himself. While we understand that this is technically a witty nod to the first Blink album that Barker played drums on in 1999, and that the enema itself is, technically, functional — it’s still a little gross. That being said, even Liquid Death itself labels this a “collectible art piece” and issues a warning underneath the kit.

“Not intended for use as a real medical device. Enema of the State should never be placed in or near your butthole without consulting a doctor first. Also, you should not place in or near your friend’s butthole without consulting them or their doctor first either.”


Buy Travis Barker Enema of the State… $182

We would expect nothing lest from a member of the band that cracked sophomoric jokes during their Coachella set about everything from UTIs, to the recent Dali Lama scandal, to “eating it from the back”. Maybe Blink-182 haven’t collectively grown up as much as we though, but why would we want them to? When else would we get a half-naked Barker telling us how he achieved his successful career in music and got the woman of his dreams by using Liquid Death mountain water…you get the idea.

Looking for a more (ahem) safe for work way to show off your love for Blink-182’s reunion tour? Skip the butt-cleansing and instead enjoy the OG Enema of the State album on repeat.



Buy Enema Of The State [LP] $29.99

Barker also recently posted about the DASH Mini Skull Waffle Maker on his Instagram stories, with fans quickly snapping up the $12 waffle maker online. Between a fresh waffle and an enema…we’ll let you decide (no judgement). The Travis Barker Enema of the State Collectible Kit is available on

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