Calvin Harris feels re-energised thanks to his ‘primal diet’ – Music News

Calvin Harris has been re-energised by his “primal diet”.

The 38-year-old DJ admits his attitude has been totally transformed by a change in diet.

He shared: “You know, I lost the f*** you juice for a couple years. I did lose it.

“I don’t know how I got it back, I think it was when I started eating bone marrow again and liver. And it just all came rushing back as soon as I had those bones and got those amazing fats in my body. And then I felt energised enough through my primal diet.”

Calvin recently teamed up with Dua Lipa and Young Thug for his new song ‘Potion’.

The DJ previously enjoyed chart success with Dua on their 2017 hit ‘One Kiss’, and he loves working with the London-born star.

He told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1: “When I want to work with someone it’s because I think they have a unique voice or something that sort of speaks to me and I think, ‘Oh, I could do something with this or something really good could come out of it’ and she’s one of those people.

“It’s a mixture between that and just someone that I get on with, that I know I’m going to have a nice time in the studio with … I want to have a good time, I don’t want to have any stressful, awkward experiences with people and I want to work with people that give me joy and pleasure in the hope that I can give that back to them as well and we can just have a great time, you know?”

With his new single, Calvin ultimately wanted to recreate the sound of ‘One Kiss’.

He said: “I think the vocal for ‘One Kiss’ is the best for me that she’s ever sounded. So I wanted to just like, I wanted to just recreate that, but right for this record.”

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