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Carmit Bachar has urged Nicole Scherzinger to intervene after her daughter was bullied online.

The Pussycat Dolls star requested her former bandmate put out a message to her own fans after they allegedly flocked to the 10-year-old child’s own Instagram account to share “hateful” comments about the youngster’s famous mother.

Speaking after Nicole’s performance at the Atlantis Concert for Earth in Portugal, Carmit wrote on Instagram: “Congrats on your recent performance @nicolescherzinger.

“Kindly requesting you communicate to the multiple Scherzy fans that are harassing and bullying my child by tagging her and writing hateful comments about me under her posts to please STOP immediately.

“It is beyond disrespectful, dangerous and unbecoming.”

This isn’t the first drama between the pair that has played out on Instagram.

In January, Nicole announced Pussycat Dolls had cancelled their reunion tour because of rising COVID-19 cases, but Carmit and bandmate Jessica Sutta, later claimed they had only learned the news via the ‘Poison’ hitmaker’s Instagram announcement.

They wrote in a joint statement on their own Instagram Stories: “We want to say how incredibly disappointed we are to learn of an announcement made on Instagram that the Pussycat Dolls reunion tour is canceled.

“As of now, there has been no official notification of that. (sic)”

The bandmates admitted they had “big dreams” to ensure “all of our voices could be heard”, and while the tour is off, they insisted “it’s not the end of the Dolls story”.

They added: “Either way, it seems as though it’s the end of a chapter to an incredible, life-altering experience full of some awesome memories that we will forever be grateful for.

“To the fans, we love you. Trust us, this is not the outcome we had hoped for. We wanted it as much as you because we appreciate you all so much and it hurts our hearts you had to wait so long for an answer, but unfortunately it’s out of our control.

“We all had big dreams for this brand to expand especially creating the music so all of our voices could be heard, which would be true female empowerment.

“Thank you to all the fans that supported us unconditionally and love us to no end. We will always honor the essence of what the true definition of being a Pussycat Doll is. This tour may have come to an end but it is not the end of the Dolls story. We created a sisterhood that will live on.”

The much-delayed tour was originally due to take place in 2020 but was pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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