CDM Deals: summer and back-to-school sales round-up

Sure, probably in the summer for the northern hemisphere some of you are not thinking so much about buying music gear or plug-ins for a little while. But that means more discounts are inbound. Here’s the latest CDM Deals.

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Sweetwater Sales

Okay, Sweetwater has three sales running simultaneously as I write this – software, demos, and back-to-school.

They’re in on this “July is the month of discounted software” business, including instant downloads. That runs through July 28. They’ve got their own page for that:

Sweetwater Software Sale

Plus they have some exclusive deals running, including Output’s Portal Granular FX, Reason+ for one year for just $99, and $50 off crossgrades to Bitwig Studio 5.

Just in case you weren’t planning on buying a marimba or a sax (though, hey, they’re great), yes Back to School through August 28 also includes keyboards, software, studio gear, and live sound, including stuff like headphones.

Sweetwater Back to School Sale

arturia arp


Arturia’s Summer Sale means a ton of stuff is 50% off, including favorites like Pigments 4 and Efx FRAGMENTS and Dist COLDFIRE.

If you need a refresher, I’ve reviewed or otherwise written about a lot of the Arturia stuff:


The sale runs through August 15. 50% off all individual instruments, FX, and sound banks, so now is your chance to grab stuff you wanted a la carte.

Arturia Summer Sale

Arturia Summer Sale @ Plugin Boutique

frontier instruments 732w

Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS)

AAS has their summer deals on. That includes the Frontier Flash Sale – that’s 130 presets by sound designer Daniel Stawczyk which you can use if String Studio VS-3 if you’ve got it, or on its own with the included AAS Player plug-in. Through July 31:

Frontier Flash Sale $9 ~ 77% OFF

And their AAS Summer Sale continues:

AAS Summer Sale

AAS at Plugin Boutique

SSL Native X EQ PluginBoutique

SSL and Plugin Boutique

SSL’s lovely X-EQ 2 is a full 88% off through July 31st. That puts this elegant parametric EQ with spectrum interface at $42.31 and I dare say might even be a FabFilter killer at that price.

SSL Native X-EQ 2 Plugin Boutique Exclusive Sale

You can find more Plugin Boutique deals, as well:


They still have the Baby Audio Comeback Kid delay free with any purchase through July 31, including if you buy from the Arturia sale.

Elektron Syntakt 01

Elektron, Korg, and Perfect Circuit

A lot of the flagship Elektron gear is on sale now at Perfect Circuit, including $100 off Syntakt, Digitakt, Octatrack MKII, and Digitone. Syntakt is really my favorite Elektron box ever (apart from the always low-priced Model:Samples and Model:Cycles). Check out their dedicated Elektron page:

Elektron @ Perfect Circuit

Plus the drumlogue drum machine is on sale for $499.99, which also features a sweet Sinevibes voice onboard.

Drumlogue @ Perfect Circuit

Tascam and IK Multimedia

Remember when we wanted to get away from the sound of tape multitrack? Well, now you can go the other way. Tascam users can grab a free copy of the complete TASCAM Tape Collection from IK Multimedia. I’ll let IK explain how it works:

Those who visit the TASCAM ID portal at https://tascamid.tascam.com/en/customer/account/login to create an account and register one of the eligible products will be rewarded for their efforts. TASCAM will send them a free code for IK Multimedia T-RackS PORTA ONE software. After receiving the unique code, users just need to visit the IK Multimedia registration page at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/tascamregistration/ to start using the software.

The T-RackS PORTA ONE giveaway is open to users of numerous TASCAM recording products. These 25 models include: Model 12, Model 16, Model 24, SERIES 8p Dyna, TA-1VP, Portacapture X8, Portacapture X6, DP-006, DP-008EX, DP-03SD, DR-05X, DR-07X, DR-40X, DR-44WL, DR-100MKIII, GB-10, MiniSTUDIO US-32, MiniSTUDIO US-42, Mixcast 4, SERIES 102i, SERIES 208i, US-16×08, US-1x2HR, US-2x2HR, US-4x4HR.*

That’s a pretty massive bundle, actually, as it represents about 400 bucks of value or 200 EUR if you bought the bundle on its own (here in Europe). The suite in question:

And that’s what I’ve got right now. Did I miss something cool? Any freebies at the moment? Let us know in comments.

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