Charlie Puth And BTS’ Jungkook Collaborate on ‘Left and Right’ – Billboard

Charlie Puth has recruited K-pop royalty for his next project — a collaboration with BTSJungkook.

Late Thursday, Puth dropped a viral video in which he rings Jungkook and offers the star some suggestions on how to sing “Left and Right”.

“Hey man, what does it sound like when you sing ‘Memories follow me left and right,’” Puth enquires.

Jungkook obliges. For his next test, Puth asks Jungkook to stand to the left of the mic and sing “I can be over here,” and then do it to the right.

Not a problem.


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See latest videos, charts and news

“And it sounds like this,” Puth enthuses as he plays a cut. “This is gonna be crazy,” he adds.

Puth also dangles a carrot. If the song accumulates 500,000 pre-saves, he promises to release it in full next Friday (June 24).

ARMY is still wiping away the tears following the news that BTS would take a hiatus, with no firm plan for a reunion.

In the meantime, the seven members will embark on solo careers, with j-hope said to be working on an album. We now know what Jungkook has been busy with.

“Left and Right” will presumably appear on Puth’s forthcoming third studio album, Charlie, due out later this year.

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