Christine and the Queens singer Chris has ‘been a man for a year’ – Music News

Christine and the Queens singer Chris has updated his pronouns to he/him.

In a recent TikTok post, the French star discussed his gender journey, revealing that he now identifies as a man.

“I’ve been a man for a year now – a little more officially in my family and in my relationship,” he said in his native French. “It is a long process.”

Chris is to release his third studio album, Redcar les adorables étoiles, on 23 September.

The record features the track Je te vois enfin, in which he introduces a persona called Redcar.

In March, the singer-songwriter spoke to The New York Times about his “tumultuous” relationship with gender.

“It’s raging right now, as I’m just exploring what is beyond this,” the 34-year-old commented. “A way to express it could be switching between they and she. I kind of want to tear down that system that made us label genders in such a strict way.”

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