DJ Khaled recorded new album at home to spend time with family – Music News

DJ Khaled recorded his new album at home so he could spend time with his family.

The music star is preparing to release his 13th record and teased it’s going to be even “bigger” than anything he has done before.

He opened up about the project during a chat with E! News on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night (15.05.22) and revealed it was very much a family affair.

He said: “I am a family man, I’m a father. So of course I work but I’m also involved with my family so my studio’s in my house.

“I work with my family, my kids. I’m with my queen. We have fun. I want pure happiness . I want positivity.”

Khaled went on to admit it’s been a lot of hard work but he’s excited to finally be able to share his new music with the world.

He added: “It’s hard work and a lot of dedication, a lot of hours and sometimes it gets … a good excitement stress because I’m so anxious to put these records together…

“And make some big anthems for the fans and you know the bar is high because I put some good albums out there but this one is big. It gets bigger and bigger.”

The music star has yet to confirm the album’s name or when it is going to be released.

He added of his new music: “I mean it’s going to be a bet. It’s going to be incredible. I’m really excited about it … it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

His last record, ‘Khaled Khaled’, dropped in April 2021 and featured appearances from artists including Cardi B and Jeremih.

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