Dnipro x Sinevibes Radiant multi-effects Eurorack module – made in Ukraine

Dnipro Modular and Sinevibes are collaborating on an upcoming Eurorack module, adding Sinevibes’ effects to Dnipro’s module design. And the module is being produced in Ukraine. We’ll have more info on this soon, but I’m set to clear some rack space already. It’s a shining bit of collaborative engineering with friendly design and cosmic capabilities.

If you’re in Bristol, you can catch Konstantin there – Sinevibes’ Artemiy and I are chatting while we wait, patiently and jealously. But as you can see from the module, you get multiple effects (Sinevibes style!) with clear, almost Eventide-style set of cosmic parameters, and everything is built around feedback. There’s CV control for everything, and a ton of effects capabilities built in and available in different combinations.

Dnipro x Sinevibes Radiant wide

Kostya tells CDM:

It’s a stereo effect processor with the core idea of having several complex effect patches(modes). For now it’s still in development, so currently we have only three patches on board: frequency feedback shifter, pichshifter stereo delay and vibrant phaser/chorus effect. There are also delay to stereo effect in plans and some space for the future updates and new creative patches. The panel will have a knob per function control for instance interaction. Some controls will be similar per patch, like filters and saturation f.e., and some will depend on patch. All parameters will be cv-able of course.

One of the exciting new developments on the Sinevibes side is, Artemiy tells us they’ve build a new stereo delay algorithm with the ability to cross-fade between delay times. That’s obviously especially important in a live performance and CV-controlled Eurorack context, since it lets you modulate more musically – but we can also look forward to that in future plug-ins. Technically speaking, we’re talking “multiple crossfaded heads with all-pass interpolation” as has been seen in more recent digital software plug-ins. Non-technically speaking, less of the “weeeerORRRPRRPRPRPRPP” tape pitch delay sound each time you touch the delay time, which is nice some of the time but definitely not all of the time. And as you add fast modulation, Artemiy says you can get almost granular-sounding effects. (That checks, I think!)

“It sounds incredible, the way Konstantin has tuned all this stuff was a huge surprise!” Artemiy tells CDM. “It’s very much his own sound profile.”

And that’s a beautiful collaboration – a duo that’s got a chracater all its own – built in Ukraine. You can add this to Sitka’s module, which I think is literally on its way here to Germany from Kyiv:

Ukrainorack. Bring it on.


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