Dolly Parton honours ‘sister’ Naomi Judd with emotional tribute – Music News

Dolly Parton has penned an emotional tribute to her late friend Naomi Judd.

The singer/actress, who formed the country music duo The Judds with her daughter Wynonna Judd in 1983, died at the age of 76 on Saturday.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Dolly honoured Naomi with a touching note.

“I was so shocked to hear about Naomi’s passing. Naomi and I were close. We were very similar. We were the same age and both Capricorns. We loved big hair, make-up and music. I have always loved Ashley, Wynonna and Naomi,” she wrote, also referring to Naomi’s daughter Ashley Judd. “They’ve always been like sisters to me.”

The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday. Reflecting on the bittersweet moment, Dolly expressed her ongoing support for Naomi’s daughters and extended family.

“I am sorry I couldn’t be there but I can hear Naomi saying now, ‘Oh well, a day late and a Dolly short.’ Congratulations and condolences are both in order. Just know that I will always love you,” the country music icon added.

In a message announcing Naomi’s death, Wynonna and Ashley claimed they had lost their mother to “the disease of mental illness”.

Officials at the Franklin County Sheriff’s department are still conducting an investigation into her passing.

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