Donald Glover defends Atlanta amid claims the show is only for white people – Music News

Donald Glover has defended his TV show Atlanta amid criticism that the series isn’t for Black people.

During a Television Critics Association panel on Tuesday, the show’s creator and star responded to online accusations that the comedy is “only for white people”.

“I do a lot of this s**t for the people,” he said, reports Entertainment Weekly. “So if you’re sitting there being like, ‘Oh, this is misogynoir,’ I’m wondering why you think that and why you think I feel that way when I’m nothing without my people. It’s just kind of whack to me. Some of that to me is just Internet people trying to get hot, which is also something we learned in the system we’re in.”

“I feel like a lot of the Black criticism bothers me only because it sounds like (it’s from) Black people who don’t really know what we’ve been through. I don’t think they give a lot of credit to what we’ve gone through.”

His brother Stephen, an executive producer on the show, added that he doesn’t understand the criticism because “I think it very much is for Black people”.

He noted that posts on social media don’t always show “how people really feel” and he usually receives praise when he meets fans of the show in person in Atlanta or Los Angeles.

The fourth and final season of Atlanta will be released in September.

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