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In 1998, Drew Barrymore got to live out her very own Cinderella story as the star of Ever After, a whimsical romantic drama inspired by the famous fairy tale. Now, Barrymore says she got to witness Britney Spears living out her Cinderella story — but this time, in real life.


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On Friday (June 10), the actress-turned-daytime talk show host took to Instagram to share photos from Spears’ intimate wedding to Sam Asghari, where Barrymore was a guest.

“What I learned from Ever After is that we must rescue ourselves and yet still want the fairy tale,” Barrymore captioned the photos. “And that’s exactly what Britney did! I couldn’t be happier for her intrepid journey !!!!!!!”

The Instagram carousel includes Barrymore sandwiched in a hug by Selena Gomez and Spears (in her black-tuxedo-dress reception look) and a video of a group sing-along to Madonna’s “Vogue” with Spears, Gomez, Paris Hilton, Donatella Versace and the Material Girl herself. The carousel ends with a hilarious video of the Charlie’s Angels star trying to wrangle her chocolate-brown Valentino cape dress in the wind, saying, “I’m trying to do a pretty-girl video and I can’t stop getting hair in my mouth!”

Throughout Spears’ battle to end the conservatorship that controlled her personal and professional life for more than 13 years, Barrymore has been empathetic, given her own very public teen issues with fame, family and substance abuse. In an interview with Variety earlier this year, Barrymore said she would love to interview the embattled pop star. “We can have a unique conversation,” Barrymore said. “There’s not a ton of us out there who have publicly lost our freedom, had breakdowns in front of everyone, become punchlines and fought our way back.”

The love definitely goes both ways. On Friday, Spears also shared wedding photos on Instagram, writing in the caption: “So many incredible people came to our wedding and I’m still in shock!!! @drewbarrymore my girl crush … I was speechless.”

See Barrymore’s Instagram photos here, and revisit the Ever After trailer below.

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