Ed Sheeran Sends Naughty Statues to Australian Radio DJs – Billboard

Ed Sheeran loves Australia, and the feeling is mutual.

So when he sent something special to Nova radio DJs Fitzy & Wippa, he made sure it was the gift that keeps giving.

The Sydney breakfast crew opened their presents from Sheeran on-air, revealing a pair of marble phalluses, painted in the Aussie green and gold.

“We know Ed loves crude, inappropriate gifts and this was no exception,” says the team at the commercial network.

Sheeran doesn’t just send giant members to any old acquaintance. During his most recent chat on Nova, Sheeran told of how he sent a marble willy to his good friend and collaborator Elton John.

The British pop superstar will get a chance to visit the artworks when he returns to Australia next year for his + – = ÷ x Tour (pronounced The Mathematics Tour), a ten-date stadium run produced by Frontier Touring, the concerts company founded by his late bestie Michael Gudinski.



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See latest videos, charts and news

The “Bad Habits” singer smashed the record for the highest-selling tour in history, when his 2017 Divide trek shifted 1,006,387 tickets sold across Australia and New Zealand.

Watch the big reveal below.

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