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When dance music producers take a stand for something they believe in, it’s not always clear whether or not it will make a difference. For LP Giobbi, that’s why it makes so much sense to try.

At EDC Las Vegas 2022, the dynamite producer, pianist, songwriter and Femme House co-founder did just that when she returned to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for her second time playing the dance megafest. Over the May 20-22 weekend, she performed three unique sets, including her first on EDC’s mainstage, KineticFIELD and another back-to-back with Born Dirty on the StereoBLOOM stage. Finally, on Sunday, her Femme House crew accompanied her on the luminous Forest House Art Car for a takeover.


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“Femme House is so much bigger than me.” Giobbi told Billboard ahead of the takeover. “Sometimes I’m the face of it, but really, I’m just a teeny tiny tip of the iceberg.”

With Femme House friends including Coco & Breezy, AcidTwins, Bexxie and Baby Weight in tow, Femme House — the label and collective LP co-founded with Lauren Spalding, which today doubles as a 501(c)3 non-profit — created a space for diversity that’s sadly still rare at many fests. Femme House is on a mission to shift that, and as one artist after the next delivered blissed out performances, their presence validated their shared claim to stages that historically have been dominated by male DJs 98% of the time.

Among those who came along to showcase their skills was the stunningly soulful singer turned DJ, Kaleena Zanders and UK queen of house music Sam Divine, who also happens to be one of Giobbi’s first DJ role models. Both for Insomniac and Femme House fans, it was a chance to hear an extended (and live!) version of The LP Giobbi Femme House compilation, an 11-track record released this past March. 

“Femme House is the vehicle to empower you to believe you can do anything — whatever that is.” Giobbi says. “We happen to be in producing electronic music, but I hope it’s much bigger than that. Seeing yourself represented in the space, I hope there are people who will connect with that and feel empowered by that. And, also I hope that everybody here [at EDC] can just dance their a–es off and enjoy what the Femme House Art Car Takeover is bringing musically. And I think after they go home and are processing this amazing experience, I hope the energy we brought sticks with them and maybe they Google Femme House and realize they can take [production] classes.”

Whether you’d like to return to those moments dancing at the Speedway, or you simply missed the Femme House entourage at EDC, you’re in luck. Relive those magic moments via these exclusive Femme House x EDC Las Vegas 2022 sets from LP Giobbi, Kaleena Zanders and Sam Divine. 

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