Eurorack kits, cases, and more ways to mod your Korg NTS-1 hardware

It’s not just the firmware you can mod on Korg’s ultra-low-priced NTS-1 effect/oscillator. You can also mod the hardware. Here are two Eurorack conversion kits, other custom cases, plus Korg’s own resources for your own DIY efforts.

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The NTS-1 already has some appeal at least next to your Eurorack rig, given its ability to run any effect or oscillator you want. But you can also mod it to fit into your case directly, complete with analog I/O and panel controls that make sense in that form factor.

You could do this yourself (see below), but a couple of folks have already set up shop with nice, pre-tested, pre-made solutions. The first, apparently, was this solid black walnut edition in 26 HP by Michigan-based Instrument Farm. There are some nice features – you can access the volume control, there are sealed TRS barrel jacks to protect those fragile connectors on the unit itself, and USB cable, screws, and all other parts are included.

maple nts1

NTS-1 EuroWood – Kit | Eurorack Faceplate Kit for Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 (black walnut) [Reverb store]

ISOGRID from LA has made a PCB-based version which is similar. You lose the nice walnut and it appears you can’t access the volume control. You do get an attractive panel that mimics the front panel of the Korg, though. One concern about that, actually – they could run afoul of Korg, as this is not an official project and it doesn’t appear they got any permission to use the logo. (That also misses some fun opportunities, like “BORG” or “GROK” or “FORG.”)

There was some back and forth about these two projects, but I suspect effectively what the PCB one has done is to advertise the other one for anyone who prefers maple.

NTS-1 Eurorack Conversion Faceplate Kit for Korg Nu:Tekt digital Synthesizer [Reverb store]

But wait – there’s more.

First, for the DIY-minded, there’s a complete GitHub site from Korg (the official one, not Forg) with all the design files and schematics.

Also, if you don’t need Eurorack and/or lack DIY skills or a 3D printer/laser cutter, there are inexpensive projects out there, too.

Signal Sounds from Glasgow makes a case that doubles as a stand. (You’ll have to source your own knobs):

nts1 cu

CoverUp Stands Korg NTS-1 Custom Kit Case [Reverb]

Dich Studios also makes a simple $25 case:

I also spot a Reverb offer for someone with the enclosure, a carry case, and about $200 worth of Sinevibes upgrades – nice:

Korg NTS-1 Upgraded Sinevibes Custom with Case [Reverb]

Caspius Labs has a walkthrough for a custom case job, perfect if you want to try this yourself but need some more instructions than just Korg’s GitHub site. What’s nice about what they’ve done is that you get full-sized audio jacks and MIDI DIN:

20220823 111415 scaled 1

Korg NTS-1 Custom Case Mod

Or if you’re feeling less ambitious, just get some nicer knobs:

Oh yeah, and if you want to get more ambitious, there’s always coding:

Whatever you choose, it’s an awful lot of fun out of this little unit.

I probably missed something here, so feel free to chime in!

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