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SNL host Selena Gomez‘s opening monologue made headlines for its spot-on Miley Cyrus impression and sweet Barney sing-along, but the singer and actress really showed off her comedic skill in a variety of sketches Saturday night (May 14).

In just one episode, Gomez pulled off being a Bratz doll, a Latina talk show host, a documentarian, a princess, a jealous partner, a bad understudy, a model spokesperson, an irresponsible older sister and a way-too-patient girlfriend.



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See latest videos, charts and news

In total, Gomez starred in nine sketches during her gig on Saturday Night Live — and only broke character once.

Watch them all below, and see the full episode on Hulu here. The streaming service is currently offering a 30-day free trial, which you can sign up for here.

“Bratz Dolls”

Gomez brings a Bratz doll to life when a young girl’s parents break the news of their divorce. She’s Jade, one of three “sexy dolls for pre-teens.”

A Peek at Pico”

One of Gomez’s best sketches of the night has her hosting a Latina talk show from Pico Rivera with Melissa Villaseñor. Reporter Chad’s a bore, but the ladies’ performances sure aren’t “sad.”

“Inventor Documentary”

Only Murders in the Building co-star Steve Martin makes art with Gomez once again, this time in a sketch about the inventor of the whoopee cushion in which Aidy Bryant steals every scene.

“Three Daughters”

A prince must choose one of three princesses as his bride. But which one of the royals from this faraway kingdom will be the “weird” one?


Musical guest Post Malone and Punkie Johnson haunt Gomez and Chris Redd’s minds with all-too-real paranoia about potentially cheating partners. Gomez even supplies a verse of her own as she irrationally rummages through her boyfriend’s closet for signs of infidelity.

“Irish Play”

Can Gomez’s character, an understudy stepping in due to COVID-19, remember any of her lines, her child’s name or how to speak in an Irish accent in this acclaimed Irish play? Does it even matter if there is a penis in the show? Find out.

“Guidance Counselors”

The graduating class of 2022 at Old Dirty Bastard High gets questionable career advice from a blonde Gomez, portraying an ODB alum-turned-model “spokesperson.”

“Baby Monitor”

Gomez, playing a teenager trying to party with her friends — while babysitting her sleeping baby siblings — finds out what happens when self soothing completely fails. She can’t help but momentarily break character in this one, and that’s before Post Malone makes his ridiculous cameo.

“Old Enough! Longterm Boyfriends!”

Inspired by Netflix’s Old Enough!, shockingly capable toddlers are replaced with 30-something-year-old helpless boyfriends. Can 34-year-old Matt make it to Sephora, the grocery store and back, with the items requested by his girlfriend?

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