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Hanson decided to “break it up” for their new album ‘Red Green Blue’.

The ‘MMMBop’ band’s new album – which marks 30 years of the group and the 25th anniversary of their classic breakthrough hit – saw brothers Taylor, Isaac and Zac changed tact, with each third serving as a solo-led project for each respective sibling.

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Taylor explained: “We’ve always been focused on that united voice. This is an idea Issac had for a long time.

“He said, ‘What if we were to break it up in this way and so each guy took five songs, said I’m gonna write and produce and build one another in?’ “

He reassured fans it’s still very much a band record, but they found “another way” to embrace each of the trio as individual musicians.

He explained: “Ultimately, it’s still a Hanson record. It’s just another way to focus on the fact that this is a band of three writers, three players and three singers.”

Isaac added: “I think for a lot of people this is a way to kind of discover things that you don’t know about what we do, and get a fresh look at who we are as a band, who we are as artists and who we are as individuals.”

For Zac, he pointed out how the lifetime of being in a group means sometimes they need to find a way to “grow and change”.

He said: “You have to grow and change, right? As you go through 25 years of life. We started when I was six. I’m 36 right now. Things are very different.”

With ‘MMMBop’ hitting the airwaves in 1997, it’s been “a lifetime” for the brothers.

Taylor added: “I mean, it’s a lifetime. We started with nothing but the voice, and that’s how we walked onstage 30 years ago…

“I think in the end, taking it back to that, taking it back to the song, talk about brothers and family singing together, you really can’t replicate that.”

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