How to support relief in Morocco and Libya: resources

This month has brought unimaginable suffering atop thousands of deaths in both Morocco and Libya. To readers whose communities and loved ones have been directly impacted, we’re thinking of you. As music makers and instrument makers, I hope we continue to connect to remain tuned in and responsive. News can be overwhelming, but we live in a world where connections – and action – is never far away.

Given past coverage here on CDM of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, it seems only right to follow up this week with two more crises.

Importantly – music makers who do have an impact or plan a musical response, of course, we want to hear from you, too. But it’s clearly not a prerequisite to action.

With or without an explicit musical connection, we’ve seen the potential of awareness and action across our networks of artists, labels, and manufacturers. That action can be both local and remote – our friends and colleagues at Soundtoys, for instance, had focused on giving abroad until flooding hit folks around their Vermont headquarters. Violence and natural disaster can each come to any of us. This month was a reminder of the lethal power of nature in Morocco, and the rising climate change in Libya that impacts all of us.

I don’t have any particularly music-focused links here, but these fundraisers come from trusted resources and those connected to Moroccan and Libyan diasporas. This is another case where direct grassroots assistance is essential, because international aid (via governments and NGOs) often can’t reach those affected – especially in Libya, which is targeted by sanctions and governed by two rival governments.

As to why to do this – and I think this can connect to our lives in music – our friends at Chams Network whose work we referenced during the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria had this to say. It applies just as well to Libya, with the added dimension of human responsibility for rising climate crisis:


Politics4 Her and Darhoun have put together a comprehensive list of resources. These aren’t just links that say “give here,” either; they go through in detail how to negotiate. Reports on the ground in Morocco have repeatedly described volunteers and Moroccan people stepping up to fill gaps left by the government and international response. You’ll find links to a lot of those folks that allow you to support their work from abroad.

They also provide advice that is relevant not only here but in similar disasters. One reason not to tune out – we can all learn to better prepare and understand what help really means.

Earthquake Relief Morocco – Resources [Google Doc]

What to donate:

Guide to relief efforts (EN & Arabic):

Menstrual care (English / French):

And yes, this is directly intersectional with concerns about gender-based violence which has been a central issue for many of the music collectives and groups CDM has written about over the years..

Other direct resources (thanks to various sources for this link, including the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee:

Droplets of Mercy
Support the Children of Maroc


Even if the larger international scene is largely silent, I’m encouraged by communication among artists from the Arabic-speaking world – which, incidentally, is not at all a given with the diversity, political disconnects, and distance in that sphere. So as a non-Arabic speaking person, I appreciate your input!

Salam Charity was recommended by various connections, working on the ground. They’re running a JustGiving campaign:

The destruction in Libya is hard to wrap your head around. But we are all face climate catastrophe.

Thanks as well to The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association.

This list will be regularly updated.

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