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We’re on our phone for hours a day, texting, scrolling, or putting it right up against our faces talking into the wee hours of the night. What’s worse: the more time we spend on our phone, the more it’s exposed to the dirt and grease on our fingers, or harmful particles and germs in the air.

One way to combat that is by using an anti-bacterial screen protector, like this one from Invisible Shield. The Glass Elite VisionGuard+ offers military-grade protection against drops and scratches, while using an anti-bacterial technology to kills 99.99% of surface bacteria on your screen. It slips over your screen in seconds too — no trips to a Genius Bar necessary.

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Invisible Shield

Buy VisionGuard+ Screen Protector $49.99

Invisible Shield says the powerful anti-bacterial coating is embedded in the glass itself, so the treatment won’t wear off. What’s more: the company’s “ClearPrint” technology is a surface treatment that reduces smudges and fingerprints, so your screen stays clear.

The Glass Elite Screen Protector helps to filter out blue light too — the kind of light emitted from our phone screen that causes eye strain, dry eyes and blurry vision. Without this “shielding,” harmful light exposure could lead to things like droopy eyes, headaches, and even difficulty sleeping.

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You get germ-killing features and a blue light filter packed into a $50 screen protector that’s so thin and light, you’ll barely notice it’s there. It’ll hold up to accidental bumps and bruises too, and if anything happens, the company offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We’re listing the Zagg VisionGuard+ Screen Protector for iPhone 13 models above, but the same germ-blocking phone screen is available for most phone models, including Samsung Galaxy and most iPhone models. See the full selection here.

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