Is Luke Bryan Becoming an Underwear Model?

He has a new album, he’s back on ‘Idol’ and now he’s teaming up with an iconic underwear brand.

Luke Bryan got a little nervous when his wife, Caroline, opened a package of underwear Jockey sent him.

The country couple, newly announced as brand ambassadors, unboxed some Jockey goodies for a comical campaign spot — and even though Bryan insisted he’s “been working out,” he wasn’t so sure about the thong.

“Here’s your new go-to,” Caroline teased her husband, holding up a garment that would leave little to the imagination.

“This is a prank, is what that is,” he playfully shot back in the clip, which was filmed in Nashville. (For the record, Bryan was all smiles about wearing the boxer briefs.)

On Instagram, where the pair shared the video on Friday (Aug. 21), Caroline quipped, “Luke’s ‘ass’ has always been famous and now it’s covered in @jockey.”

In a statement released by Jockey, Bryan commented, “This partnership with Jockey, and why I’m so proud of it, it just feels like such a natural combination of our family and what our family is about. Jockey is such a strong family company and we’re just excited to be partnered with such a successful company for so many years. The clothes Jockey makes, the comfort and quality, and how they stand behind it, is so important for us.”

“Luke and Caroline are a great fit for the Jockey brand as their focus on family, dedication to caring for others and playful sense of humor align perfectly with our brand values,” Chris Smith, Jockey’s senior vice president, DTC and chief brand officer, said. “We’re proud to be able to partner with the Bryans and highlight the impact this all-American couple has on families and a younger generation, and reinforce ‘There’s Only One Jockey.’ It also doesn’t hurt that Luke has an affinity for the classic white Jockey® T-shirt – an iconic staple in American culture.”

Watch their fun-loving Jockey ad below.

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