It’s always a Klubnacht online: FLASH_Lab’s techno marathon

The club can also come to you. FLASH_Lab from Berlin’s Flash Recordings is extreme streaming, running marathon hours just like a landmark Berlin club. But that means you can tune in even when a club isn’t accessible. And nowhere better to start than with a particularly epic stream pairing with the Ukrainian NOWA_ collective.

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In the concrete shelter of a basement, feeling almost like a tiny club – and with a powerful sound system to match – FLASH_Lab is what a club might be if it were designed for a half dozen people. It’s a studio, but with dancefloor energy.

Florian Meindl helms FLASH Recordings and this effort, alongside the unstoppable Garb (as Garbfunkula). A recent stream spanning nearly 33 hours paired up with Ukrainian-led platform NOWA_ – check Ukrainian artists like Alis, Ruslan Mays, Zoe Palace, and Ewa Nomad. And it was CSD Pride. And just a lot of other interesting characters.

Watch – here’s a 33-hour techno party you can queue up at any time of the week you need it.

00:00:00 Warmup by Garbfunkula
00:43:00 Alis b2b Ruslan Mays
01:48:00 Ruslan Mays
02:41:00 Omonbreaker
03:46:00 Tweeman
04:43:00 Phase Fatale
05:44:00 Zoe Palace
07:13:00 Paat
08:40:00 Ewa Nomad
10:20:00 Florian Meindl
11:46:00 Centraz
14:12:00 Robus
16:50:00 Jamie Anderson
19:42:00 Maze DK
22:09:00 Garbfunkula
24:30:00 Aldanya
26:42:00 Peter Kirn
28:57:00 De Feo
30:16:00 Garbfunkula b2b Aldanya
31:22:00 Ämrtüm
32:45:00 Closing

IMG 0066 Aldanya

Ruslan Mays and Tweeman, for instance, are residents of Veselka, which has now brought that Kyiv queer community to Berlin. Zoe Palace is leading Ukrainian community and arts projects and collaborations with the international community, too – think TSEKH33 and RUKH.

Pair that crew with BITE’s Phase Fatale (also a Berghain/Berlin and Khidi/Tbilisi regular staple) and Maksym aka Omon Breaker. Ewa Nomad I played with once before in the FLASH_Lab bunker – she’s a driving force behind NOWA_ and its Berlin parties.

Then you get the brutal energy of Maze DK … or later the hyperactive goodness of Aldanya (round about when I joined.)

All of this gets an overlay, chat – the usual Twitch goodness, and a lively community (mostly German-speaking, in it for the long haul).

CleanShot 2023 09 02 at 23.44.18
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IMG 7589

It’s Saturday night as I write this (“Saturday night” being a sort of vague timeline that blends into Sunday morning and Sunday night). So you can also tune in live:

If you want still more music, though, here’s my mix and a complete track listing – now go get that music and support those artists!

Namco – Soulcalibur II narrator voice set
DΛS – Empty Dreams
Odhin Fernand – Nube
Truncate – Work Ya Ass (Ben Sims JFF edit)
Developer – Freaky Signals
Tigerhead – Rave 4 Dave (Matrixxman remix)
PRSPCTV aka XENTRIX – D3T (DJ T-1000 remix)
Robert Hood – A-472.0
Sons of Silvija – Spindle
Ron S. – Therac
DJ Mell G – Borderline
Peder Mannerfelt – Squarewave to Heaven
Daniel Avery – Glitter (Anastasia Kristensen remix)
Trudge – From Sorrow to Darkness
Hertz – Recuperated
Florian Meindl – Unknown Tides
Gareth Wild – Tronic State (Oscar Mulero deconstructed remix)
Fatima Haji – Vibration
Phannik – Narcotics
Xenia (UA) – Don’t Stop
Yan Cook – Naked
Not a Headliner – Transitory Fear
DJ Dextro – Valquirias
Peter Kirn – Spiraling Psyche (unreleased)
Chlär – Invoking Spirits
Prowler (BR) – Remake
Concrete Djz & Miss Kosmix – Don’t Wreck My Track
Peter Kirn – Mass action (Silenzo remix)
OCD – Eogismus
Cravo – Getup
Annika Wolfe – Things Got Icky
Ngoni Egan – Gaborone West Groove
Afrorack – African Drum Machine
Insolate – Trust Kills (Benjamin Damage Remix)
RAMKKA, Rown, Åre:gone – Witch Hunt (Are:gone remix)
Not a Headliner – Grateful Dead
Peter Kirn – Info hustler
Tensic – Groundwork (West Code remix)
BONES 33 – For the Groove

Labor Day and techno definitely go together. Come back for 1st of May in Berlin and you’ll see what I mean – even if techno and Labor Day technically originated in the US. Enjoy!

Photos by Garb and myself.

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