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On what would have Jenni Rivera‘s 53rd birthday, Billboard honors La Diva de la Banda by remembering her five top hits on the Regional Mexican Airplay chart. With more than 30 entries on the tally, fourteen of those hit the top 10 and including her No. 1 hit “De Contrabando” and “Inolvidable.”



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When she passed, in December 2012, she was at the peak of her career and on the verge of a major crossover across with a residency in Las Vegas in the works and her very own television series. Still, the regional Mexican icon may no longer be here but her presence on and off the Billboard charts looms larger than life.

Today (July 2), we remember Rivera and her chart milestones. Below, check out Rivera’s top five hits on Billboard‘s Regional Mexican Airplay chart.

“De Contrabando,” peaked at No. 1 (chart dated June 3, 2006)

This slowed down banda track sings about a forbidden love. In it, Rivera asks the guy she’s fallen for to agree to be with her and she’ll keep it on the down low. “I know you’re not available but we can be discreet and we won’t see each other often,” she proposes.

“Resulta,” peaked at No. 2 (chart dated July 19, 2014)

The evoking lyrics to this melancholic tune sing of a heartbreak. In it, an emotional Rivera confronts the guy who cheated on her but she knows one day, he’ll regret it.

“Ahora Que Estuviste Lejos,” peaked at No. 3 (chart dated Jan. 26, 2008)

Rivera’s take on “Ahora Que Estuviste Lejos” became a feminist anthem. After spending time alone, she realized that she doesn’t need a man. “During the time you were gone, I realized that the only thing that unites us is fear of being alone. You don’t love me and I don’t love you, so let’s end it,” she sings.

“Culpable O Inocente,” peaked at No. 4 (chart dated Dec. 6, 2008)

In this track, Rivera declares her unconditional love to a man who she doesn’t know if he’s guilty or innocent of the rumors she’s been hearing about him. “My love, they say you’re fake and that sooner or later, I will see the truth. They say you’re not capable of loving but they won’t convince me,” Rivera sings expressing her loyalty.

“Inolvidable,” peaked at No. 5 (chart dated June 14, 2008)

Rivera has one clear message for all those who broke her heart: [I’m] unforgettable, baby.

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