Jewel’s tour bus catches on fire – Music News

Jewel is thankful nobody was hurt after her tour bus caught on fire over the weekend.

The singer-songwriter took to her TikTok page on Saturday to post footage of the burned vehicle.

“We had a full bus fire,” she stated. “Nobody was hurt. It happened on an off day in the parking lot of a hotel. The fire department came. Everybody is safe.”

Jewel went on to praise the hotel staff who saw the blaze for calling the bus driver and fire department.

She also revealed that the crew was able to save a vintage guitar and guitar amp but the bus is in a bad state.

“All’s well that ends well, but how ’bout this bulls**t?” the 48-year-old sighed.

The drama didn’t stop Jewel from playing her show in Denver, Colorado on Saturday night.

The You Were Meant for Me star dropped her thirteenth studio album, Freewheelin’ Woman, in April.

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