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Not only did Kim Kardashian meet the love of her life when she hosted Saturday Night Live in October 2021, she also saw the show for the first time. Yup, before taking center stage and bonding with former SNL cast member Pete Davidson during a sketch [more on that later], Kim had never even seen one episode.



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Describing her frame of mind to Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night’s (June 21) Tonight Show, Kardashian, 41, said she was a bit nervous before hosting for one very good reason. “I have to be honest, I had never seen SNL before,” she said of the legendary late night sketch series that just wrapped its 47th season. “I had gone to one taping of Eddie Murphy [in 2019], but I had never… and I’d gone backstage.”

An incredulous Fallon could not believe what he was hearing. “You’ve never seen Saturday Night Live?” the former cast member asked. “I’m dead serious… I know what it is. I knew what it was. I knew it was so iconic, but I had never,” Kardashian continued before dropping the true atomic brain blaster. “I gotta be honest. I had no idea you were on [it].”

Fallon really couldn’t believe that, then Kardashian doubled-down on her SNL blind spot. “Even a month after, I was at dinner, and Will Ferrell was sitting right next to me — the show had just aired, when I was on — and he had mentioned he had seen it. And I literally had to text Pete [Davidson] and be like, ‘Wait, was Will Ferrell on SNL?’ And I was so embarrassed.”

Settle down, now she knows everything about the show and everyone who’s been on it. At one point during the interview Kim’s sons, Saint and Psalm, got a shout-out, but only because they were sitting side stage and being so loud that mom threatened to never take them to work with her again. “My two boys are here and I hear them making so much noise,” she said. “Guys, this is your first time at work with me, don’t mess this up!”

She also noted that daughter North is obsessed with “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encanto and that she can sing it in 8 languages. “I was at the Met [Gala] and I saw Lin [Manuel Miranda] and I go, ‘I love you and I hate you!’ I cannot hear this song one more time in my household!” she told the Hamilton creator and the song’s writer in a lament heard from many parents about the annoyingly adorable song.

Fallon then rolled tape of Kim’s daughter North belting out the song in the car as an intro to some old footage of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney lip synching to Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” as little girls.

Later in the segment, Kim — who was there to plug her new SKKN skin care line — revealed that she and Davidson have actually bonded over their beauty routines. “I think he has a good skin care routine,” Fallon said while fishing around for stories about the headline-grabbing couple. “Actually, that’s one of the reasons why… that’s like one of our major bonding things,” she revealed.

“Skin care. We go to dermatologists together. We inject our pimples together at the same time,” she said. “Yeah, the dermatologist is like, ‘Is this contagious? You guys always have pimples at the same time.’” Kardashian said she knew their connection was special when she fell asleep one night and she kept talking about how she had to put some pimple cream on, then zonked out and woke up with dried pimple medicine on her face.

“He put it on in my sleep,” she said as the audience let out an “awwww!”

“Such a gentleman!”

Watch Kim on The Tonight Show below.

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