Kodak Black donating $50,000 worth of water to Haiti – Music News

Kodak Black is donating $50,000 (£42,000) worth of water to Haitians affected by gang violence.

The Super Gremlin rapper, who has Haitian heritage, is sending over 35,000 bottles of water from Florida to Haiti amid the country’s gang violence crisis, TMZ reports.

Extreme levels of crime and gang violence have reportedly cut off many Haitians from basic access to food and water. Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, said the rapper heard about the situation and decided to ship bottled water to the nation.

Using cargo ships to transport pallets of alkaline water, Kodak is ensuring bottles labelled “LAST” reach their intended destination.

The word choice reflects Kodak’s wish for this crisis to be the last time Haitians go without water.

Kodak’s team said they are working with the Haitian government to deliver the bottled water from the ship to the hands of Haitians who need it.

Cohen told TMZ that the star is calling for a ceasefire between Haitian gangs, and his water donation is just one step in his ongoing effort to help the island. Cohen said Kodak previously donated to orphanages and food banks in Haiti.

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