Liam Gallagher: ‘I’m gonna go mental man the second night’ – Music News

Today, Liam Gallagher spoke to Zoe Ball on The Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

He talked about his forthcoming Knebworth show:
“I’ll be behaving the first night ‘cause me mam’s coming and then the second night I’ll go mental… I mean I say that… you say that don’t you – ‘I’m gonna go mental man the second night’. I’ll have a couple of beers and then be like that, ‘You know what, I’m off to bed!’”

On Liam’s wife, Debbie, having a vocal production credit on his album for ‘Too Good For Giving Up’:
“She didn’t want that by the way, she said ‘Get it off’, I said ‘No, get it on’. So what happened in lockdown, I’ve got a little studio in the house, it’s not even flash… I ain’t got a clue how to use it, she is very clever is Debbie so she’s gone ‘I’ll do it’, so the vocal on the album, she sort of got it together and recorded it, so my new name for her is Phyllis Spector – as in Phil Spector – so I’m like that, ‘Shall we get up and do some tunes, Phyllis?’

How is his hip?
“Hips, man, they’re both bashed up, but I just went to get these injections the other day actually, so now I am buzzin’ mate, I’m like Louie Spence… I might go and ruin my career at Knebworth and go and start doing some high kicks like Jagger, and everyone’s going like that, ‘I want my money back, we only come to see him stand still.’ But I’m going to have to have the operation next year maybe, but can’t be getting it done before Knebworth.”

With Noel’s birthday on Sunday, will Liam send him a text or a card?
“Nah nah nah. When is it, Sunday?… I’ll have just done Knebworth, bless him, I might give him a shout out, dedicate one of his songs to him. That’ll do his head in won’t it.”

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