Lil Durk calls out concertgoer for allegedly trying to fight woman – Music News

Lil Durk recently paused a show to call out a man in the crowd who was allegedly trying to fight a woman.

A video obtained by moderators at Instagram account The Shade Room shows the rapper pointing out one of his concertgoers on the Bridgeport, Connecticut stop of his 7220 Tour on Saturday.

“I just seen the most craziest s**t in the crowd, man,” Durk told the audience. “I just seen a n***** tryna fight a girl, man. Slow down bro, you know? Where he at? Where he at who just tried to fight a girl, man (sic)?”

After locating the man, Durk addressed him: “Aye bro, why you tryna fight girls, bro? I should come over there and f**k you up. Yeah. We really like that for sure. I’d make your ass apologise right now. Deada*s and you a h*e. You a h*e.”

When the video was reposted on Instagram, a user claiming to be the man said he was defending his girlfriend against another woman.

“Durk aint understand the situation (sic),” the user wrote.

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