Little Radiator is free now – plus Soundtoys sale, and native Ableton UI wrapper by Elisabeth

Here’s some Soundtoys goodness to end the year. You can grab the Little Radiator modeled preamp plug-in entirely for free, there’s a sale on, plus from third-party maker ElisabethHomeland you can get a set of handy UI wrappers for Ableton Live, too.

Little Radiator

Free Little Radiator, Motor City style

This one is free, no strings attached — and it’s compatible with the wrapper below, as well. Little Radiator is a model of the Altec 1566A, a vacuum tube preamp known for its use in 1960s Motown productions. That hardware began life as a preamp, but it’s sought after now for use fattening up all kinds of things – keys, vocals, drums, or really anywhere you want a bit of extra harmonic distortion. It’s capable of some subtle coloration, too, and can be useful in a range of genres or contexts.

Oh, and the “little” variation isn’t just a cut-down version of Radiator. It’s actually a distinct model – the Little Radiator is a 1566A; the Radiator is a 1567A mixer amp.

You’ve got until January 5th for this one:


Soundtoys 5 users already have this, of course, but if you don’t – go get that freebie!

Soundtoys sale

Almost everything Soundtoys is on sale at the moment – including 50% off Soundtoys 5, 50% off upgrades, 50% off Effect Rack, and up to 75% off of some individual plug-ins.

Little PrimalTap is free with any individual plug-in or effect rack, through December 27. (The other sales go through January 5.)


You can also find deals through Plugin Boutique (with finance option). [Affiliate link]:

Soundtoys at Plugin Boutique

Soundtoys wrappers!

Okay, saved the best for last because I’m excited about this one – ElisabethHomeland continues her beautifully produced wrappers for Ableton Live and Max for Live with a Soundtoys entry!

This means you can view all your Soundtoys plug-ins at once, with parameter settings, without juggling windows.

A bunch of widely used Soundtoys plug-ins are included. It’s not all of them, because of parameter access issues – I’ll try to talk to Soundtoys about that once everyone is back from holiday breaks (and US winter weather chaos). But you do get:

devil loc
devil loc delux
echo boy jr
little alterboy
little microshift
little plate
little primaltap
little radiator
primal tap
sie q

$10 to support the dev!

Soundtoys Wrapper collection @ Gumroad

That makes three popular plug-in sets Elisabeth has rendered now, as there’s a new Kilohearts entry, plus the Valhalla set we covered previously. The Valhalla collection was believe it or not one of the most popular CDM stories of 2022, before someone starts whining in comments about why anyone would want this.

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