Lizzo reveals Coldplay’s Yellow is her ‘hookup’ song – Music News

Lizzo has revealed Coldplay’s 2000 hit Yellow is her “hookup” song.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, the Juice hitmaker discussed the inspiration behind the track titled Coldplay on her upcoming album, Special.

Lizzo confirmed the song contains direct references to the British band, and in a brief surprise chat with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin during her interview with Zane, she thanked him for signing off on the sample.

“I was with somebody, and I was just looking at the stars. And I was with him, and I was singing it. And tears just were coming to my eyes,” she recalled. “You have such an incredible ability to move people with the poetry of your lyricism. So, thank you so, so much.”

In response, Chris congratulated Lizzo on her new music and insisted he is a big fan.

“Hey, I don’t know how to accept those kinds of compliments. Thank you. If someone had told me 22 years ago, ‘One day, Lizzo’s going to make out to this song,’ I’d be like, ‘OK, great.’ It’s become Lizzo’s hookup song, and that’s good,” the star shared, before Lizzo joked: “Oh, that’s baby-making music, baby!”

Elsewhere in the chat, Lizzo and Chris teased plans for a collaboration.

“We just got to do it. If we sat in the studio and we just worked. You play the piano, I’ll sing. Don’t nobody got to know. Don’t nobody got to know, Chris,” she said, to which he responded, “I don’t mind people knowing. Honestly. I’d like people to know!”

Special is set to drop on Friday.

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