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Lola Lennox felt insecure about following her mother into the music industry.

The 31-year-old singer/songwriter is the daughter of Eurythmics star Annie Lennox, and she has admitted that the idea of becoming a singer like her mother was daunting at first.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, she said: “When I was younger, I had insecurity around this. The bar felt incredibly high and it felt like i had to do a lot of work to get to a place where I was good enough to be an artist in my own right. But that made me work really hard. I got better as a singer and was able to write songs that I thought deserved to be heard. So I feel like I’ve worked through it.”

And Lola even convinced her mother to work with her on her new song ‘Want More’.

She said: “She’s always great with ideas and I’ve learnt a lot from seeing her come in and make a song better.

“We could have bickered. But we’re pretty respectful and good at being professional together. Every mum and daughter have their moments obviously. But we’re both empathetic people. We listen to each other and respect each other and we’ve always been like that.

“She’s been such an inspiration. She knows this path so well, she’s been doing it for so long and she works really hard.”

Lola’s father is Uri Fruchtmann and her sister is model Tali Lennox but she says they were not a starry family growing up.

She said: “[My mother] doesn’t feed into the celebrity lifestyle. She was just like a normal mum, never in front of the cameras much. I’m proud of her for the balance she found between working and being a parent. When we were little, she didn’t tour for a long time. It wasn’t until I was about ten that she started again.”

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