Lose yourself in this trippy video and Mangled Dreams – WDE x The Microgram

Starting with a cut titled “Birth,” find yourself in lo-fi, acid-washed hallucinations and a bath of music. It’s a lo-fi, vapor-y, glitch-y sort of womb – but where better to feel at home? Detroit Underground does it again.

Here’s “Birth”:

There’s a beautiful team on the visual side of this one. That includes frequent DU collaborator and “dreampunk idol” Vera Masyutina on 3D / VFX / video edit, with additional VFX processing by Seoul-based Prekursor – more on their music below.

And then that dreamy music – the future, but all melted in your pocket:

Written, arranged and produced by


The Microgram

Guitar by Alec Malyshev [needsmore followers – awesome Insta userid]

Vocals by Mallthansis

mangled dreams 1

Every single track is a dreamy wonderland, and every single track gets corresponding loving visuals from Vera, for a total of 58 minutes of audiovisual voyages. That’s available on limited VHS, too, so enjoy this on CRT, please.

And look at that physical edition – my VHS tapes of the 80s and 90s wished they looked like this:


This is really a dream team / super band – there’s a ton more music from this crew in their solo operations.

From the UK (uh, somewhere), The Microgram – let’s give this release a lift and be the first to acquire it, in fact:

This is fab, too:

From Detroit, WDE, short for Wet Dreams Exciter, you incubus/succubus fans:

Ah, yes, “Wet Dreams May Come.” (Sorry. Yeah yeah, remember the 90s?)

Tons of stuff on Tokyo‘s Angel Lips and… yes, Bandcamp needs ways of linking music without the labels we’re on having label accounts. (Grrr. Epic? Help?)

Full discography:

In Berlin, or space, or somewhere, Alex Malyshev‘s own music project:

From Brazil, Mattheus aka Mallthansis has this dark forest of sound – see also:

And lastly, from Seoul, Prekursor “is a project that contemplates a possible future. As new technologies proliferate, environmental collapse becomes evident and sociopathy is increasingly incentivised, what happens as the dread and euphoria of our world become something tangible?”

That is a whole label / platform that is “a foreshadowing of our dark future.” I would say we don’t need foreshadowing, as we’re in this present, but of course – things can get so much worse. So… uh… listen to this:

More visual tastiness:

There’s a world of darkness out there.

Enjoy, kids.

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