MIDI Packs: 17 Creative Packs You Should Check Out

Let’s face it: coming up with chord progressions and catchy melodies is hard. Especially if you skipped your Music Theory 101 lesson. This is where MIDI packs come in.

With MIDI packs, the chords and melodies are written for you! Just drop them in your favorite synth and you’re ready to go!

In this guide, we’ve combed the interwebs to bring you the best packs out there. Let’s dive in! 👇

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Before We Get Started…

MIDI packs come usually come in two different forms: chords and melodies. Using them is as simple as drag-and-dropping them into your piano roll:

Piano roll
As easy as A-B-C

To get the most out of MIDI packs, don’t be scared to move things around! Try to use the MIDI sequence as a foundation on which to build. Here are a few ideas to start with:

  • Change the key of the MIDI sequence by dragging all the notes up or down
  • Change the velocity of specific notes to add movement
  • Improve the melody by adding, removing, or displacing specific notes.
  • Add notes to your chords to add a level of complexity. For example:
Piano roll
Basic Am – G – Em chord progression
Piano roll
… turned into Am9 – G Maj7 – Em7.

Now let’s dive into the world of MIDI packs!

Note: MIDI packs are often included in wider sample packs – so not all of the following are MIDI-only packs.

Free MIDI Packs

The below packs are available for free. So I don’t waste your time, I’ve picked options that are both free yet still good-quality.

Unison Beatmaker Blueprint (Free Teaser Pack)

Unison Beatmaker Blueprint

Let’s kick things off with the Unison Beatmaker Blueprint pack. Inside this MIDI pack, you’ll find a grand total of 155 MIDI sequences: 6 Bass MIDI sequences, 73 Drum MIDI sequences, and 76 Melody MIDI sequences.

Each MIDI sequence has its own WAV loop – so you can demo each sequence before actually using it!

Download here

Lofi Chords MIDI Pack by LANDR

Lofi chords MIDI pack

One for the lofi bros, this pack has 8 smooth jazzy chord progressions. Here’s a little teaser:

These chords work really well around the 110BPM to 130BPM range. Expect plenty of jazzy C#dim7 and Amin7b5 chords inside!

Download here

Cybersynth Soundscapes MIDI Pack by Ghosthack Sounds

Cybersynth Soundscapes pack

Inspired by Bladerunner and the cyberpunk universe, this free MIDI pack offers 1.32GB (!) of WAVs and MIDI files.

Inside you’ll find a combination of beautiful melody sequences and haunting chord progressions.

Here’s a little preview:

Download here

Arabic MIDI Pack by Samplefire

Arabic MIDI pack

Looking to add a unique touch to your compositions? This MIDI pack has you covered!

Inside, you’ll get 31 melodic MIDI sequences. These are all written in the Phrygian dominant scale, which is the classic Arabic Hijaz scale.

Download here

FREE MIDI Mega Pack by W.A. Productions

FREE MIDI mega pack from WA Production

This pack is actually 8 packs bundled together – for free!

Inside you’ll get 270 MIDI melody loops and 360 WAV loops suited for EDM, Hardstyle, and Future House.

Download here

Key Chords MIDI Pack by Roundel Sounds

Key chords MIDI pack

Inside this pack, you’ll find 10 MIDI chord progressions perfect for Future Bass and other House genres.

Each chord progression has 2 associated WAV loops for you to preview.

If you want some straightforward, pop-oriented major and minor chords – this one is for you!

Download here

420 Techno MIDI Pack by 420+ Samples

420 Techno MIDI pack

Looking for the perfect acid line for your next techno project?

In this amazing pack, you’ll get 25 MIDI sequences: 10 acid lines, 4 bass lines, and 10 synth lines.

You also get a wealth of WAV samples including percussion, FXs, drones, and more. Have a listen:

Download here

2009 – 2019 MIDI Collection Pack by FLP Family

MIDI collection pack - ABZ

Looking for uplifting, pop, and radio-friendly chord progressions?

Inside this pack, you’ll get 40 MIDI files full of inspiring chords and moving melodies, best suited for piano and keys.

Download here

Oracle MIDI Sample Pack by Cymatics

Oracle MIDI and sample pack - Cymatics

As with every sample and preset pack list we do, Cymatics gets a mention. And for a good reason!

In this monster free download, you get 100 MIDI files and 137 WAV samples tailored toward modern trap. All MIDI files in here are melodies, with a focus on sad and dark atmospheres.

Download here

Classical Piano MIDI Files by piano-midi.de

MIDI pack

Looking to infuse some classical elements into your tunes?

This site covers all of the classic composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Debussy, with their most famous works available in MIDI format!

In this example, I have the MIDI for Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C Minor:

… which I have turned into a dub techno loop:

Download here

Paid MIDI Packs

Looking to splurge on a great-quality MIDI pack? The below options will have you covered:

Niko’s Ultimate Dance MIDI Pack

Niko's Ultimate Dance MIDI pack

Starting off this list with a pricey yet valuable one, this one is called the “Ultimate Pack” for a reason.

Inside you’ll find a staggering 100,000 MIDI melodies and chord progressions. Yep, 50,000.

And the best part: they were all written by our friend Niko – who is a professional piano player. So you get all the timing and velocity nuances of an actual performance!

Buy here (US$197)


Lofi and soul chords MIDI pack

Lo-fi is everywhere these days, but writing jazzy chord progressions can be hard.

Thanks to this pack, you’ll have access to 40 folders covering 711 MIDI chords overall. These will work great for lo-fi but also hip-hop and lounge music.

Buy here (US$14.00)

Melodic Hooks Vol.1 by DeepStrict

Melodic Hooks Vol. 1 MIDI pack

Hooks can make or break a song. Finding the right one is what will make your song memorable.

In this pack, you’ll get 40 melodic hooks inspired by techno artists such as Amelie Lens and Charlotte de Witte.

Buy here (US$9.99)

THE MIDI BUNDLE by Brandon Chapa

The MIDI bundle

If you’re a trap, hip-hop, or RnB producer, this pack is the best value for money in my opinion.

Inside, you get 11 Full MIDI Kits, totaling 837 MIDI files. I especially like the hi-hat and 808 MIDI files which are probably the most important elements when writing modern trap.

Buy here (US$34.95)

Future House MIDI Basslines by HY2ROGEN

Future House MIDI basslines

I’ve always found that coming up with original basslines was one of my weak spots. If that’s your case too, you might want to grab this pack!

Inside you have 77 bass-dedicated MIDI files focusing on Future House. You’ll also have WAV exports in both wet and dry formats.

Buy here (€10.34)

Deep House Vol.2 MIDI Pack (by Delectable Records)

Deep House Vol. 2 MIDI pack

On the deeper side of the spectrum, we have this great MIDI pack containing a total of 100 MIDI files.

Inside you’ll get 35 Bass MIDI loops, 30 Chord Sequences, and 35 Stabs and Leads Sequences.

Buy here (€14.96)

Concerto Piano MIDI Pack by New Nation

Concerto Piano MIDI pack

Take your keys to the next level with this 100% piano-focused MIDI pack!

Inside you’ll have access to 25 MIDI loops and their matching WAV samples. Perfect for hip-hop and trap beats!

Buy here (US$14)

Last Words…

Finally, one last option you can explore is dedicated plugins. Over recent years, countless plugins have emerged, all dedicated to writing chords and melodies more easily. These are usually referred to as “chord generators”, and here are some of our favorites:

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Did I miss out on anything? Any other MIDI packs I should have included here? Feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected].

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