Miley Cyrus ‘traumatised’ after plane was forced to make emergency landing – Music News

Miley Cyrus is still a “little traumatised” by the emergency plane landing she experienced earlier this year.

Back in March, the Wrecking Ball singer was flying to Paraguay so she could perform at the Asunciónico music festival when the plane she was travelling in got caught up in a storm.

Miley assured fans she was fine at the time, but during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday, acknowledged that she is still processing the turbulent moment.

“It was really scary, I was in my mom’s lap because I was pretty sure it didn’t matter about the seat belts at this point… crying because I was scared,” she recalled. “It was very strange because it was unexpected weather. We had to do this emergency landing and we were in the middle of South America and I was actually on my way to a show, which by that point, had been flooded and cancelled. There was a lot going on!”

Miley went on to explain how her bandmates wanted to push on and get to Paraguay despite the poor conditions.

“(I said), ‘OK, no, we’re in the middle of the forest on a broken-down airplane. There are floods where we’re supposed to be going, the stage is sinking,'” the popstar sighed.

Miley and her team eventually landed safely and stayed in Brazil for a few days.

“All of us were a little traumatised,” she admitted.

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