Muna and Boygenius Perform ‘Silk Chiffon’ at Gunnersbury Park in London – Rolling Stone

The two trios previously treated an audience with their double appearance at Coachella earlier this year

Muna and Boygenius formed the ultimate supergroup on Sunday evening when they joined forces to perform “Silk Chiffon” and “Salt in the Wound” during Boygenius’ headlining performance at London’s Gunnersbury Park.

During Muna’s set, Phoebe Bridgers stepped out first to assist on “Silk Chiffon,’ Muna’s first release on Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records. She’s already a featured artist on the song, so the real surprise was Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker also joining in on the performance. For “Salt in the Wound,” which Boygenius shared on their 2018 self-titled debut EP, all six musicians — including Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson, and Josette Maskin — bounced around the stage while belting out the record.

The two trios previously spoiled an audience with their double appearances at Coachella earlier this year. As the most anticipated song in the set, “Silk Chiffon” almost always lands as the final song on Muna’s setlist. Out in the desert, they welcomed Bridgers to perform her verse before Baker and Dacus appeared, crowning the moment an official Muna and Boygenius collision.


“Maybe a major label had a harder time understanding who we’re really for and where we belong,” Gavin told Rolling Stone last year ahead of the released of their self-titled album, which features “Silk Chiffon.” Muna credits Bridgers with clearing a creative lane for them with her label after they were dropped from RCA in 2020. “If there’s anything that’s consistent in terms of what I brought to the table as the lyricist on this record, is this sense of agency and this ownership of desire, whether that desire is to be with somebody, or to be out of a relationship, or to make a change in your life.”

For Boygenius, that creative dedication rests at the root of all the art they create, both individually and as a collective, or in this case, a super collective. “Lifting each other up [is] how we create,” Bridgers told Rolling Stone earlier this year. “We all get to be the lead. We all get the high of each other being in the front, which is so sick and has been the ethos of this band since day one.”

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