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Aaron Lee Tasjan produced the singer-songwriter’s latest project, which Kill Rock Stars Nashville will release

Mya Byrne is ready to shine with a new album this year. The singer-songwriter’s new full-length, Rhinestone Tomboy, will be released on April 28 via Kill Rock Stars Nashville — the first album project for the legendary indie label’s new sister imprint.

Along with the announcement, Byrne has released the new song “It Don’t Fade” and its video. It’s an easygoing tune about resilience and hope that’s built around a funky, feel-good guitar figure and a spacious drum groove.

“It was the height of the pandemic, and I was feeling wistful and thinking about the threads that tie us together, about my family, who I was so very far away from at that time, and my recovery, which was only a few months in – how even in our hardest moments there might be sunshine somewhere,” Byrne said in a statement.


With its nod to Glen Campbell, Rhinestone Tomboy promises to touch on classic country, folk, rock, and more. Nashville artist Aaron Lee Tasjan produced the project, which includes 12 tracks, including the September single “Autumn Sun.” The project touches on themes of joy and struggle pulled directly from Byrne’s journey as a trans woman, as well as her experiences getting sober.

Rhinestone Tomboy tracklist:

  1. “It Don’t Fade”
  2. “I’m Gonna Stop”
  3. “Autumn Sun”
  4. “Devil in My Ear”
  5. “Come On”
  6. “Curtains”
  7. “Smoke and Bones”
  8. “Lend You a Hand”
  9. “Please Call Me Darlin’”
  10. “Sweetheart of Mine”
  11. “Don’t Hold Your Fire”
  12. “That’s What Lucky Means”

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