New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert undergoes surgery on spinal tumour – Music News

New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert has had successful surgery on a spinal tumour.

The ‘My Friends Over You’ rocker was declared “cancer-free” in January after having “half a liver, a gallbladder and one adrenal gland” removed last year.

However, this week the 41-year-old musician revealed he had to have more surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible, with a very small amount left in the bone, which they will zap with radiotherapy.

The positive star said everything is “going great”, telling fans in an update on Instagram: “Got out of surgery yesterday afternoon! Things went really well.

“They were able to remove almost all of it besides a microscopic amount of tumour that was in the bone. Once we get test results back from the tissue, we’ll be able to blast it with whatever treatment it needs so we can keep it at bay or even kill it completely.

“Pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas are very rare tumours. So it is a very strategic process to treat them. But all news has been good so far for what the situation is and things have been going great!”

Chad – who was previously married to Paramore’s Hayley Williams between 2017 and 2016 – dubbed himself “Robo-Chad” as he fends off the disease.

He added: “First two nurses I saw post-op were big NFG fans which was really special. Their compassion and love made me feel not alone. I have two rods and five screws in my back and now have one less rib. But I’m stronger than ever. Robo-Chad is on a mission!”

Chad had to quit the NFG tour in the US after struggling with intense back pain.

He said: “Unfortunately we found a new Pheochromocytoma tumour in the 12th vertebrae of my spine pinching on my nerve bad.”

However, the pop punk veterans will be back out on the road for three headline shows in Philadelphia, Asbury Park and Buffalo on September 7, 8 and 9.

They wrote: “Our September shows will still be happening as planned. The 3 headline shows are nearly sold out so get your Philly tickets while you still can or see us at some incredible festivals next month! newfoundglory.com/tour.”

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