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Nile Rodgers says the biggest piece of advice he’d offer to anyone in the music business is not to be a “music snob”.

The ‘Le Freak’ hitmaker – who has worked with the likes of Madonna, David Bowie and Sister Sledge among many more – insists having a chart hit should always be an artist’s main goal, not to create songs they think are cool.

Taking part in the Vogue Visionaries series with rising pop star Rina Sawayama, the Chic guitarist said: “Any song, and I mean any song, in the Top 40 is a great composition, because it speaks to the souls of a million strangers.”

And ‘Chosen Family’ singer Rina couldn’t agree more, adding: “Pop records that can make a million strangers feel good are magic.”

Rina also imparted that writing a good song is far more important than image.

She said: “Let’s write a good song first.”

Meanwhile, Rina recently branded the infamous Christina Aguilera vs Britney Spears rivalry “so silly”.

The ‘Beg For You’ singer says the music industry has come a long way since artists were pitted against each other and there’s a “space for everybody” due to streaming platforms.

She said: “It’s easy to start to buy into that narrative so much that if you don’t do this, someone else will.

“But I try not to engage in that anymore.”

Commenting on the feud that was heightened in the press, Rina said: “It’s silly.

“We should all support each other as there is a space for everybody, especially because of streaming.”

In 2018, Christina admitted she felt “hurt” when she was pitted against Britney.

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