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Noel Gallagher got high and wrote a song about ‘Moby-Dick’.

The former Oasis rocker has revealed how new song ‘There She Blows’ – which he wrote under the influence in Los Angeles – was inspired by Herman Melville’s classic 1851 novel about Captain Ahab’s quest for revenge on a giant sperm whale which bit off his leg on a previous voyage.

He’s quoted by The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column as saying: “There was a book in the hotel and it was ‘Moby-Dick’.

“So I went into MedMen, the shop that sells weed, and I bought a load of f****** weed and wrote some f****** mad, nautical nonsense for this tune.”

The 54-year-old star revealed the track will feature on his upcoming album, but even he and his bandmates are having a hard time figuring out what the song is actually about.

He added: “It’s ended up on my album, it’s f****** great.

“I listened to the lyrics and even my band have been going, ‘What’s all that about?’ I’m like, ‘F*** knows’.

“It’s a great tune, it sounds like The Beatles. It’s sort of nautical bulls***.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ hitmaker has promised the record – the follow-up to 2017 High Flying Birds LP ‘Who Built The Moon?’ – will feature a lot of strings reminiscent to some classic Oasis tracks like ‘Wonderwall’.

He said: “There is a track on the album called ‘Dead To The World’, which is one of the best songs I have ever written.

“It gives people goosebumps. It’s quite orchestral and a bit like ‘Midnight Cowboy.’ “

Noel admitted there is a “vibe” running through the entire collection, and it was a “conscious decision” to go in this direction.

He explained: “The whole album has got a vibe. There’s 10 songs and six of them have got strings.

“It was a conscious decision after ‘Who Built The Moon?’, which was quite electronic and psychedelic and beats and all that kind of things.

“When I was writing these songs, I just heard strings and choirs.”

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