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The lengthy — and messy — custody battle between Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde is finally over.

The exes, who have had a contentious custody battle over the last year and a half, agreed to share joint custody of their two kids, Otis, 9, and Daisy, 7. Sudeikis will have to pay a total of $27,500 a month in child support, and the two will switch off custody with a “week-on, week-off” schedule.

Along with the child support payment, the Ted Lasso actor is set to cover an additional 25% of childcare costs that Wilde incurs. The documents, posted by Daily Mail Monday, also gave an inside look at the former couple’s finances: Sudeikis’ estimated income was 10.5 million, while Wilde’s was $500,000.

“The parties agree that child support for the minor children in the amount of $27,500 per month is sufficient to maintain the needs of the minor children considering Jason’s station in life,” the document read. “[It] is consistent with each child’s best interest, and application of the guideline would be unjust or inappropriate in this case.”

Last year, footage went viral of Wilde being served custody papers while on stage during an appearance at CinemaCon back in April 2022. Later that year, Wilde said the entire situation was “vicious” but “not something that was entirely surprising to me.”

“It was my workplace. In any other workplace, it would be seen as an attack. It was really upsetting,” she told Variety. “It shouldn’t have been able to happen.”


While Wilde’s ex Jason Sudeikis claimed he had “had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered” — as the actor previously said in a statement — Wilde noted in the interview that the ambush was premeditated. 

Back in March, Wilde’s legal team said that Sudeikis was trying to “litigate her into debt” as the former couple worked out where their children would live. The following month, Wilde’s legal team claimed Sudeikis was not “paying child support,” per People.

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