Pete Davidson Shares Mother’s Day Stories With Edie Falco and IRL Mom – Rolling Stone

One of the artists Pete Davidson and his mom bonded over when he was growing up was Rod Stewart — and it’s all because of a lie the comedian told to get away with listening to Eminem.

Davidson shared the story in a new Good Housekeeping interview that featured both his real mom, Amy, and Edie Falco, who’s playing his TV mom on Bupkis. As such, the maternal energy was strong, with Amy and Falco catching Davidson in a gorgeous vice grip of guilt when Falco asked Amy what she does on Mother’s Day, and she replied, “Usually Pete’s laundry.” 

Falco then quipped, “Wow Pete, do you have something nice to say about your mom that doesn’t involve her doing manual labor?”

The memory Davidson shared involved him obtaining an uncensored copy of The Eminem Show — “which of course I wasn’t allowed to have,” he quipped — and hiding it from his mother in a Rod Stewart jewel case. 

“My mom noticed, and for years she’d play Rod Stewart to have something we could bond over,” Davidson continued. “I’d be sitting in the car and suddenly she’d say ‘It’s Rod!’ and start singing along to ‘Maggie May.’ I had to learn the songs just to keep the lie going. I kinda learned to like Rod Stewart.”


Later in the interview Amy did share one genuinely sweet Mother’s Day gesture from her son: “My favorite Mother’s Day gift that I’ve ever received was simple and straight from the heart, and it didn’t even cost my kids anything,” she said. “It was getting to appear on the Mother’s Day episode of Saturday Night Live every year from 2014 to 2022.” 

Bupkis, Davidson’s new semi-autobiographical show, will premiere May 4 on Peacock (and a couple of days later, Davidson will return to SNL as host). Along with Falco, the show stars Joe Pesci as his grandfather and features an array of guest stars, including Jon Stewart, Charlie Day, Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano, Al Gore, and John Mulaney.

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